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The Cornell Global Labor Institute was established in 2005 to work with trade unions in the U.S. and internationally to help them and their civil society partners develop solutions to major social, economic and environmental challenges.


James Hansen, leading NASA climate scientist, speaks at Cornell GLI International Trade Union Roundtable

  • James HansenThe world's most well-known scientist, James Hansen of NASA's Goddard Institute, addressed 75 union leaders and allies at a global trade union roundtable in New York City. Read more »

Cornell GLI Releases Report on Employment and Economic Impact of Tar Sands Spills

Cornell GLI Study Finds Keystone XL Pipeline Will Create Few Jobs

  • piplinePrevious Studies Are Misleading; Project May Kill More Projects Than It Creates
    Pipe Dreams? Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost by the Construction of Keystone XL (pdf)
    examines the job impacts of TransCanada Corporation’s Keystone XL Pipeline, stating that the pipeline could destroy more jobs than it creates while transporting tar sands oil along a route of almost 2,000 miles, from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico in Texas.
    Read more »

Trade Unions at COP 17

  • COP17 globe and tree From November 28 through December 11th, unions from all over the world gathered in Durban for the UN climate negotiations COP 17 to mobilize behind the need for a bold climate protection agenda that offers real solutions to both the climate crisis and the economic crisis. Read more »

EPA and Labor Leaders Discuss Clean Air Act

  • EPA logoFollowing recent attacks on the EPA and a Wall Street Journal article citing labor as a main critic of the EPA and Clean Air Act, Cornell Global Labor Institute and the Labor Network for Sustainability organized a discussion between thirty labor leaders and the EPA's Gina McCarthy. Read more »

Cornell GLI Report on Transport Workers and Climate Change

  • Climate change logo, green stick figure holding hands with black stick figureLowering transport emissions presents a series of unique and formidable challenges. Transport workers are helping to obtain sustainable, low-carbon mobility. View the (pdf) report »

Keystone XL's Misleading
Estimates of New Jobs

KXL and the Jobs Crisis

  • Bill MckibbenGLI Director Sean Sweeney and author Bill McKibben write op-ed for the LA Times. Read the article.

Climate Jobs in New York State

  • wind mill

    Watch this video to learn more about the NYS Climate Action Plan and green jobs.

Labor's Role in World Policy

  • Sean Sweeney

    Director Sean Sweeney outlines how unions are working with the green movement. View the video