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Listed below are highlights of ILR Alumni, Faculty, Staff, and Students in the news.   

Please note that most of the stories are copyrighted by the publisher. 

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The articles are selected by Stuart Basefsky an Information Specialist and Instructor at Catherwood Library and Director of the IWS News Bureau of the Institute for Workplace Studies(IWS) in the New York City Office of the ILR School.


Ileen DeVault - December 15, 2009 Tuesday
"Women Reshape Union Agenda"
Human Resource Executive Online

Jim Kelly (ILR Alumnus) - December 15, 2009 Tuesday
"Cummins Engine Business President Jim Kelly to Take New Role in Early 2010"
Business Wire

Jeffrey Grabelsky - December 9, 2009 Wednesday
"Council Passes Curbs on Greenhouse Gases"
The New York Times

Kate Bronfenbrenner - December 8, 2009 Tuesday
Aviation Week

John Bishop - December 8, 2009 Tuesday
"Obama Proposes Tax Incentive to Hire Workers"
New York Times

Alan Siegel (ILR Alumnus) - December 5, 2009 Saturday
"Siegel+Gale Chairman and CEO Alan Siegel Joins John Jay College Foundation Board"
Marketing Weekly News 

Ken Margolies - December 3, 2009 Thursday
"Oh no, you didn't just go there"
Las Vegas CityLife

Beth Livingston - December 1, 2009 (AM 930)


Arthur Wheaton - November 20, 2009 Friday
"Uncertain future for New Era's local plant; Either site in Derby or Alabama will close"
Buffalo News

John Bishop - November 19, 2009 Thursday
"The Case for a Job-Creation Tax Credit"
The New York Times 

Alexander Gettler (ILR Alumnus) - November 18, 2009
"Mechanical contractors tap Al Gettler as EVP"
Real Estate Weekly

Lowell Turner - November 18, 2009 Wednesday
"Unions Get Snarky With Big Banks"
ABC News

Ken Margolies
- November 13, 2009 Friday
"Stella D’oro not the only cookie to crumble in the Bronx"
The New York Pulse

David Lipsky - November 11, 2009 Wednesday
"Many unsure unions can take over PEIA"
Charleston Daily Mail (West Virginia)

Kate Bronfenbrenner - November 9, 2009 Monday
"Sacramento County and Blue Diamond: Management tactics when employees organize"
The Sacramento Press

John Hausknecht - November 9, 2009 Monday
"Is there a vaccine for the Web?"
Chicago Tribune

Art Wheaton - November 4, 2009 Wednesday
"After bankruptcy slog, Delphi regains traction"
The Buffalo News

Art Wheaton
- November 1, 2009 Sunday
"S.C. decision transforms Boeing's relationship with Washington, labor unions"
The Seattle Times

Ron Ehrenberg - November 2009
"Can Higher Ed Control its Costs?"
Governing Magazine

C. Kirabo Jackson - November 2009
"The Innovation Administration"
The American Prospect


Clete Daniel - October 31, 2009 Saturday
"Cubicle workers unite ... white-collar unions?"
Chicago Sun-Times

Louis Pechman (ILR Alumnus) - October 30, 2009 Friday
"Bare-bone$ Hooters"
New York Post

Jeff Cowie
- October 30, 2009 Friday
"Boeing's S.C. jobs a setback for unions; Manufacturers grow more willing to use unorganized labor"
The Washington Post

Richard Hurd - October 29, 2009 Thursday
"Louisville a key in Ford contract vote; UAW workers weigh more givebacks"
Louisville Courier

Lois Gray - October 28, 2009 Wednesday
"With Contract's Help, Carnegie Crew Draws Big Pay"
The New York Times

George Hiltzik (ILR Alumnus) - October 28, 2009 Wednesday
"To find right PR guru, Beck looked to his left"
The Washington Post

Pam Tolbert - October 28, 2009 Wednesday
"Ex-A-B exec sues, claims gender gap in pay, roles"
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Art Wheaton - October 27, 2009 Tuesday
"Around-the-clock auto plant shifts good for economy, but what about workers?"
The Baltimore Sun

Lou Pechman (ILR Alumnus) - October 23, 2009 Friday
"Waiters' $3M beef: Settle tip suit with famed steak house"
New York Post

John Bishop - October 23, 2009 Friday
"Will Job Tax Credits Put America Back To Work?"
CBS News

John Bishop - October 21, 2009 Wednesday
"Like it or not, here comes more stimulus"
CNN Money

Harry Katz - October 15, 2009 Thursday
"Union U"
Inside Higher Ed

Martin Wells - October 14, 2009 Wednesday
"New Research on Spanking Might Need a Time Out"
Wall Street Journal

Kate Bronfenbrenner - October 14, 2009 Wednesday
"ACORN and the Anti-Union Unions"
The Faster Times

Rebecca Givan - October 14, 2009 Wednesday

Ron Ehrenberg - October 12, 2009 Monday
"Reforming the Humanities Ph.D."
Inside Higher Ed

Brad Bell and John Haggerty - October 9, 2009 Friday
"Schools roll with the job market changes"
Empire Education

Rick Hurd - October 9, 2009 Friday
"As membership declines, Teamsters moving into unlikely territory"
Chicago Tribune

John Bishop - October 9, 2009 Friday
"President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize; America in Decline; Health Funding Fight; Credit Card Rip-Off"
CNN (Lou Dobbs Tonight)

Jacqueline Chase (ILR Alumna) - October 9, 2009 Friday
"Prime Therapeutics Hires Jacqueline Chase as Senior Vice President of Human Resources"
NewsRx Drug Week 

Arthur Wheaton - October 7, 2009 Wednesday
"After 4 years, Delphi emerges from Chap. 11"
Detroit Free Press

Lance Compa - October 5, 2009 Monday
"Heading Down a Slippery Slope? DPUC's Unprecedented Move Questioned?"
Hartford Courant (Connecticut)

Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies - October 2, 2009 Friday
"Global HR: Russia and China"


Ron Ehrenberg - September 30, 2009 Wednesday
"Texas A&M lures another Nobel winner"
The Houston Chronicle

Employment and Disability Institute - September 30, 2009 Wednesday
"Cornell institute gets grant for disabilities employment"
Ithaca Journal

Kate Bronfenbrenner - September 30, 2009 Wednesday
"Union Clashes with U. of Calif. Over Ties to Unionbusting Firm"
In These Times

Patrick Wright - September 28, 2009 Monday
"Curing HR"
Human Resource Executive

Arthur Wheaton - September 26, 2009 Saturday
WGRZ Channel 2

David Lipsky - September 24, 2009 Thursday
"Great Recession transforms workplace, work force"
Associated Press Financial Wire

C. Kirabo Jackson - September 23, 2009 Wednesday
"You get what you pay for"
The Economist

Peter Storck (ILR Alumnus) - September 17, 2009 Thursday
"House Party Hires Former Jupiter President as Head of Community & Analytics"

Jeff Cowie and Nick Salvatore - September 14, 2009
"What is Socialism in 2009?"
New York Times

Alex Colvin - September 14, 2009 Monday
"Trumka Ascension Could Activate Labor Movement"
Roll Call

Lance Compa - September 13, 2009 Sunday
"Is South Korea backsliding on its democracy movement?"
The Christian Science Monitor

Richard Hurd
- September 13, 2009 Sunday
"Labor Leader Is Stepping Down Both Proud and Frustrated"
The New York Times

Nellie Brown - September 11, 2009 Friday
"School unions worried about 'not safe' site"
Democrat and Chronicle

Kathleen Weslock (ILR Alumna) - September 10, 2009 Thursday
"Voice of Experience"
The Glass Hammer

C. Kirabo Jackson - September 8, 2009 Tuesday
"Admin Continues Merit Pay Push. What Does Research Say?"

Kate Bronfenbrenner
- September 7, 2009 Monday
"Wage theft skewered at Labor Day picnic"
Ithaca Journal

Clete Daniel
- September 5, 2009 Saturday
"Businesses, unions remain at stalemate on 'card check' bill"
The Virginian-Pilot

Nancy Hinkley - September 2, 2009 Wednesday
LRP Publications

John Bishop - September 1, 2009 Tuesday
"For Building Up Young People, Nothing Beats Athletic Competition"
The Washington Post

Kirabo Jackson - September 1, 2009 Tuesday
"Top-Notch Teachers Found to Affect Peers"
Education Week


Lowell Turner - August 31, 2009 Monday
"Divorce--Union Style"
The Nation

Don Farugia (ILR Alumna) - August 31, 2009 Monday
"Sam's Club"
Sports Illustrated

Alex Colvin
and Harry Katz - August 28, 2009 Friday
"Learning from Down Under: Where Labor Policy is Center Stage"
The Huffington Post

Richard Hurd - August 25, 2009 Tuesday
"Changes to benefits a bitter pill"
Detroit News

Arthur Wheaton - August 24, 2009 Monday

Richard Hurd - August 11, 2009 Tuesday
"Not Your Parents’ Labor Movement"
Motion Pictures Editors Guild

Thomas Golden and Susanne Bruyere - August 10, 2009 Monday
"Chronic illness can leave workers worried sick"

Arthur Wheaton - August 10, 2009 Monday
"Area Auto Analyst Sees Better Times for Industry"

John Hausknecht - August 8, 2009 Saturday
"New applied psychology study findings reported from Cornell University"
Psychology & Psychiatry Journal

Matthew Freedman - August 7, 2009 Friday
"Now Hiring: Everywhere You Didn't Want to Work"
ABC News

Kate Bronfenbrenner - August 6, 2009 Thursday
"Union workers need more protection"
Pottstown Mercury

Pamela Kimmet (ILR Alumna) - August 6, 2009 Thursday
"National Business Group on Health Appoints Pamela Kimmet as Board Chair"
Earth Times

Arthur Wheaton - August 4, 2009 Tuesday
"Ford Benefits Most from Cash for Clunkers Program"
WNED Buffalo

Arthur Wheaton
- August 2009
"A New Lease on Life"
Chartered Financial Analyst

Richard Hurd - August 2009
"Not Your Parents' Labor Movement; Why the Republic sit-in failed to inspire other worker actions"
In These Times


Michael Saxon (ILR Alumnus) - July 30, 2009 Thursday
"Harris Interactive® Hires Michael Saxon as Senior Vice President of Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications Sector"
Business Wire

Daniel Werfel (ILR Alumnus) - July 30, 2009 Thursday
"President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts"
Targeted News Service\

Ron Ehrenberg - July 29, 2009 Wednesday
"Cut Student Services? Think Again"
Inside Higher Ed

Stuart Basefsky - July 22, 2009 Wednesday
"The End Of Institutional Repositories & The Beginning Of Social Academic Research Service: An Enhanced Role For Libraries"
Resource Shelf

Kate Bronfenbrenner - July 21, 2009 Tuesday
"Card check might be yielding to other goals: Big labor bill appears to be in flux as Democrats try to gain filibuster-proof support"
Las Vegas Sun

Pam Tolbert - July 20, 2009 Monday
"Men Like Earning More Than Wives"
The Wall Street Journal

Kate Bronfenbrenner - July 9, 2009 Thursday
"In warehouse battle, a union goal is the focus; Lancaster site is symbolic of drive to pass Free Choice Act"
Los Angeles Times

Richard Hurd - July 7, 2009 Tuesday
"Unions Waver on Taxing Health Benefits"
CQ Politics

Matthew Freedman
- July 5, 2009 Sunday
"Seeking shelter from the storm"
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (New York)

Richard Hurd - July 2009
What is EFCA?
Kennebec Journal